24 Before 24 | Goal List


“What you get by achieving your goals is not nearly as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” –Henry Thoreau

  1. Get my passport
  2. Buy (and use) a kayak
  3. Get rid of 100 books
  4. Read 26 non-fiction books (one book every two weeks)
  5. Publish an e-book by the end of 2018
  6. Purge the garage & donate any unused items
  7. Save $1000 for an emergency fund in a savings acct
  8. Go (minimalist) camping for a weekend
  9. Go to a wine-tasting with mum
  10. Go to a minimalist meetup in my area
  11. Go to a planetarium and/or observatory
  12. (Finally) go sky-diving
  13. Attend a cooking class
  14. Attend a personal dev. or business mgmt seminar
  15. Shop sustainably (at a Farmer’s markets & using recycle bags)
  16. Volunteer monthly (animal shelter, soup kitchen, homeless shelter)
  17. Start (and maintain) a blog
  18. Start a small garden (and keep it alive)
  19. Run a marathon
  20. Complete a 500-piece puzzle
  21. Learn basics in 10 languages
  22. Create a photography portfolio
  23. Spend a day picking up trash & helping others (create snack bags for the homeless)
  24. Crotchet something cute


Green means currently in-progress.

Side-note: Instead of doing the traditional 23 Before 24, I did 24 Before 24, because it gives me a month to do two tasks and (if everything goes as planned) I should have them all finished by next year. A (year) before (year) list gives a modern twist to the typical New Year’s Resolution. There’s something about putting a big line through a task that is mentally (and aesthetically) pleasing and it encourages you to want to accomplish more. Be as proud of what you will do, as you are of what you’ve already done. ^_^